Student Life

I find as a student you have two options:

1) Buying mostly microwave meals, pasta, and fast food.

Of course the downfall to this option is it’s pretty unhealthy. Microwave meals are great for exam time and when you just can’t be bothered to make food. Unfortunately with the way students have to study these days it is easy to get into the bad habit of never bothering at all.

2) Cooking your own food.

You will either love this option or hate it. But either way, there are some very fast cooking options that will hardly take away from your study time (or whatever else you choose to use your time for). To make matters better, you can make a few portions at a time and save it for later. Plus, what you’ve cooked will taste much better than a microwave meal! And once you’ve gotten into the swing of things you may very well come to find yourself enjoying cooking quite a lot.

Another thing students like  to do is go to the food court. A quick meal at the food court is usually around $5-8.

You can get an 11oz striploin for about $8, or a portion of salmon for about $3-4. Both take about 10 minutes total to prepare, are super easy to make, and taste absolutely amazing.

As long as you have noodles, soy sauce, and oil, you can stir fry. And stir frying costs about $2-4 per portion (depending on what you’re putting in it- be it veggies, chicken, beef, or other meats), is easy, and tastes great. All in all, it takes about 5-6 minutes to make. Stir frys are amazing for students. They can easily become your best friend.

Finally, it’s a good idea to get a simple cookbook for students, this is the one I use:




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