Pasta Tips

During my first year and a bit of living on my own for university I came to find myself cooking pasta a ton. It takes 10 minutes, it’s easy, limited clean up, and it’s a good break from microwave meals. While some people can just eat the same pasta with butter or pasta with bought sauce over and over again, I find that can get really boring really fast. So here are two quick and simple ways to make pasta more interesting, without taking more than 30 seconds more out of your day:

Tip 1: Salt and Olive Oil

Rather than just walking away for 10 minutes once you’ve added your pasta to the water you can do two quick (less than 10 seconds) things to make your pasta-eating experience better. Adding a few dashes of salt to the water will make the pasta taste a bit better (seriously, just grab a thing of salt and flick your wrist a few times, doesn’t need to be exact), and will also prevent the pasta from sticking together. Adding about a tablespoon, more or less, of olive oil will help prevent the water from frothing and boiling over.


Tip 2: Whole Grain Pasta

After eating countless boxes of white pasta last year I had a chat with a friend studying Food and Nutrition about eating healthy, and was told that whole grain (NOT whole wheat) pasta is a healthier choice. Even if you don’t really care about the health benefit, it does change up the flavour a bit, so that should offer at least some incentive.


In my next post I’ll be talking about kitchen essentials.




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