168 Sushi Buffet (London, ON)

I am a massive fan of sushi. I’ve been eating it since I was about five years old and have been to several of the top sushi restaurants in Toronto as well as to Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan. Additionally, I have recently learned how to make it myself, which has allowed me to get a better sense of what’s good and what’s not.

Living in London for university I find myself going for an AYCE (All You Can Eat) Sushi Lunch at least once or twice a month with friends. There are several options for this, a few of which I may review at a later date. However, my personal favourite is 168 Sushi Buffet.

On most visits the rice is a decent quality, not seasoned too well but when you’re downing an excessive amount of sushi you tend not to notice (I may simply have higher standards because I have made it in the past), it is also room temperature or cold, which does make it slightly less enjoyable. If you’re lucky you’ll get your sushi when the rice has been freshly made and is still warm, which in my experience makes the sushi more tasty.

The fish itself isn’t great to be honest, but it’s more or less the best you’re going to get at an AYCE sushi place in London, ON. The cost for lunch is $14.95 on weekdays, and $15.95 on weekends.

You use an iPad with food organized into simply categories to pick from the large selection of food, then tap the “Call Server” icon and your server will appear within a few minutes, if that. Even on busy days the service is very fast- a side note here: the hot food tends to arrive before the cold food. The only true downside to the service is the random unexplained disappearance of things you have ordered. Typically with the sheer quantity of food my friends and I tend to order it’s not much of a problem, but it is really annoying when you’ve been waiting for over 30 minutes for a particular roll or set of rolls. Reminding the server usually fixes this problem, but it happens far too often to just look past.

While the quality of the rice and fish is certainly not top notch, the combination of fast service, easy ordering, large selection, and reasonable cost makes this place worth visiting for lunch when you have a craving for AYCE sushi.


If you want to try 168 Sushi Buffet yourself:
660 Oxford St. W, London, ON


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