STACK (Toronto, ON)

Located on Yonge Street just north of Lawrence, this is a gem in the burger joint packed area of North York. Go to STACK if you want a really good bang for your buck!

I went here yesterday with a friend of mine and got The Big Stack burger ($17) and a S’mores milkshake ($7).

The burger patties were pretty good tasting, not the best in Toronto per se, but definitely up there when it comes to burger joints. The garlic aioli added a nice touch and the bun tasted great. The downside is the difficulty of fitting the burger in your mouth to take a bite out of it, and the relatively thin bun quickly becomes soggy- you will definitely be making good use of your napkin! I used a fork and a knife for the last third or so of the burger. At $17 it is the most expensive burger on the menu and extremely filling. My friend got the Avocado Bacon Burger ($13) and was satisfied with the amount of food.


The milkshake was amazing. I highly recommend getting one. Truly tasted like s’mores: sweet, well blended, graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Plus the presentation is great!


The service was lightning fast. The server apologized for taking a short amount of time to get to us and was very attentive and helpful. No complaints in this area!

I’d say the only area where the restaurant could improve is to have a greater and more varied selection of burgers.


If you want to try STACK for yourself go to:
3265 Yonge St.


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