Nomé Izakaya (Toronto, ON)


If you like oysters, this is absolutely the place to come! If you like Japanese tapas as well, this is even more the place to come!

On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings you can come here to get dollar a piece oysters. The best options are the Malpeque Oysters (from PEI), which have a sweeter taste, and the Fanny Bay Oysters (10 for $12, Vancouver), which are much larger and have a bit of a briny taste. My personal favourite are the Fanny Bays- although you only get 10 they are big enough to split the difference, and they taste great!

Fanny Bay Oysters

I highly recommend making a reservation a day in advance (Call 647-347-7937) and going with a friend. Split a dozen or two oysters then try some of their tapas dishes to share. For example, the tiger shrimp is spectacular- they are coated in a very unique sweet tangy sauce that will make you want to order tons more! (although I’d recommend against that unless you want to lighten you wallet)

To go with your copious amounts of dollar oysters and few tapas dishes I suggest getting either an XL Sopporo, which comes in a freezing cold glass, or try one of their cocktails. Last time I was there I had the Jade Fox (Kiwi Mojito), Sumo Sour (Lime and Orange Sour), and Cunning Kimono (Lychee Martini). If you were to try just one of the three I suggest getting the Cunning Kimono- it’s a lychee martini that is heavy on the lychee with a hint of cranberry.

Cunning Kimono

Cheap but great oysters, excellent Japanese tapas dishes, and amazing drinks makes this one of my favourites in Toronto.


Try Nomé Izakaya for yourself!:
4848 Yonge Street!/home


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