Kenzo Ramen (Toronto, ON)

I visited Kenzo Ramen twice within the last week and a half and it has quickly become one of my favourite places to get a quick cheap bite. And when I say quick I mean very quick.

Kenzo Ramen is a small restaurant that seats about 30. Most tables are for 2 people (although they do have accommodation for larger groups). There is a bit of Japanese decor on the walls and the tables are metal but provide decent seating. There are usually a small number of staff on hand but the restaurant always runs quickly and smoothly, even when it is packed to the brim with a line out the front door.

I ordered the Tonkatsu Ramen ($10.95) when I was there last Sunday. The other time I visited I got the same but with double toppings (an extra $3 charge).  The meal was very filling, even after having skipped lunch earlier in the day.

Tonkatsu Ramen

The noodles weren’t anything special- more or less standard ramen noodles, perhaps a bit hard (but certainly not inedible). The garnish was three small slices of pork, some fish cakes, half an egg, some onions, and beansprouts. Again, none of the toppings were anything special.

The broth was excellent. It was a creamy sweet and slightly salty pork bone broth. I usually don’t finish the broth when I go out for ramen but in this case I ate every last drop of it. If I knew how to make this broth I’d probably be making it every day (barring the likely health risks of doing so).

Tonkatsu Ramen with Double Toppings ($3 extra)
Tonkatsu Ramen with Double Toppings ($3 extra)

The service is impeccably fast. I got my food and drink (matcha iced latte, $3.95) within four minutes of ordering each.

Kenzo lacks in its small variety of menu options, coupled with OK noodles and expensive matcha drinks. Whereas you can certainly get a quick and pretty decent meal (which is what keeps me coming back), what you gain in fast service you lose in menu options and quality.


Try Kenzo Ramen for yourself:
372 Bloor St. W
4860 Yonge St.


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