$20 Grocery Plan: Rice

I’m going to level with you here: this is not a good idea, nor is it really realistic student eating in the same sense as my usual posts. It remains realistic in being able to keep you fed and fulfilling all the major food group requirements, but it is by no means realistic to expect a student to eat like this every week for a month, and especially not any longer. If you can, I commend you, with the commendation of consistent boring eating.

Now at this point you’re probably yelling “Rice isn’t all the major food groups you moron!”, and you’re right, it’s not. The other components of this grocery plan are: large packages of frozen veggies (peas are typically cheapest), fruits, and two chicken breasts. I am currently at home where I rarely buy my own groceries, but once I return to university I’ll be updating this list with exact prices:

$20/week, $80/month Grocery List:
Large Bag Frozen Veggies, ~$2-4/week
7 Pieces of Fruit, ~$3-5/week
2 Chicken Breasts, ~$8/week
15lb Bag of Rice: ~$10-12/month

You can minimize spending by buying the cheapest fruits and veggies.
If you have any suggestions on how to make this list better, or just want to rant about how boring of a diet this would be, please leave a comment below.



P.S. I always cook my rice in a rice cooker, which you can buy for about $20-30. But while much easier, it’s not necessary, nothing wrong with just using boiled water or steaming it, or cooking it however you usually do.


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