Kasa Moto (Toronto)

Located in Yorkville, Kasa Moto attempts a new approach to Japanese Cuisine. It offers a variety of typically creamy dishes with the same heavy garnishes and has a strong focus on presentation. Like many restaurants in downtown Toronto, you hardly get any bang for your buck.

Upon arriving we were taken to the upstairs patio where we had made our reservation. There were about 20-30 square tables, each with an umbrella over it- which came in handy later in the evening when there was a bit of a light rain. There was also a bar area that had a handful of people standing around it sharing drinks and a Robatayaki grill off to the side.

I was here last week with a group and we ordered nine dishes between the four of us, which wasn’t as filling as I would have hoped.

Goma-Ae ($8): creamy, hint of sesame, great presentation, good portion size.


Tuna Tataki ($19): creatively served on top of a daikon radish, one bite pieces that blend together in a medley of quality tuna sashimi and a light ponzu sauce, sweet, a bit crunchy from the vegetable combined with the melt in your mouth texture of the tuna.


Soba Noodle Salad ($11): very very creamy, thin stringy carrots mixed in with the green tea infused soba noodles. Was tasty but nothing special.


Wagyu Beef ($15): sweet, very tender, a bit of fat, excellent glaze that helps bring out the flavour of the beef without overwhelming it, fairly small portion but otherwise not at all disappointing.


Rock Shrimp Tempura ($16): very very creamy, light batter, a bit spicy but just enough to notice not too much- added a bit of tang, sweet, good portion size.


Kinoko Salad ($13): a variety of wild mushrooms which make up most of the dish and have a salty and slightly sweet taste, heavy garnish.


Kasa Moto Roll ($22): Worth a try at least, their one and only attempt at a unique roll on the menu (still not very special), rice was a bit mushy, melted in your mouth- good medley of flavours, small portion.


Spicy Tuna Maki ($12): Nothing special, mushy blend of spicy tuna, very small pieces of maki, mushy rice, was disappointed- have had better spicy tuna maki at cheap AYCE sushi places.


Chicken “Two Ways” Futatsu No Aji De ($22): first way was small piece of chicken surrounded by dry flaky breading- could barely taste the chicken, interesting looking but not very tasty. Second way was medium sized cubes of chicken in very creamy sauce with a hint of spice, bad blend of flavours, chicken was a bit mushy. Good portion size.



Kasa Moto is a great restaurant to go to if you want to be served some unique dishes that are often more fun to look at than they are to taste. While it does have some unique and flavourful interpretations of dishes it depends heavily on cream and a lot of garnish which at times can overshadow the dish itself. The sushi is far from creative with only one unique item (the Kasa Moto roll). Furthermore, sushi prices were absurd and the quality did not help me forget that- for example only 5 or 6 pieces of California roll (a very common and basic maki roll) for $12.

The service was excellent and lightning fast. The dishes were brought one at a time with little to no time in between so we were never left waiting. Staff members were all very knowledgable and well informed on all the dishes and drink options.

You hardly get any bang for your buck but its worth a try for their robata menu items and if you enjoy a good presentation with your meal. The service made the experience very pleasant despite the shortcomings of some of the dishes. Not a good place for sushi so stick to their other menu items or go somewhere else if that’s what you’re looking for.


Try Kasa Moto for yourself:
15 Yorkville Avenue


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