Realistically Healthy Eating

When you’re at university and classes start to pick up you may find yourself sacrificing health in favour of having more time to do work. But you still need to eat, and in all likelihood you will still procrastinate, because that’s what we do as students; it’s no secret.

It’s also not a secret that most university students, in a time of stress, will resort to McDonalds and other fast foods, microwave meals, oven pizzas, and more instead of foods that boost brain power and keep their bodies functioning. I’m not an expert on food science, but I know enough to lead you away from the bare minimum and toward a better solution, that can be realistically achieved given the stresses of student life.

In my experience there are a few types of procrastinators: 1) Study for a bit, use Facebook for a bit- usually 10 minutes of one then 5 minutes of the other, more or less. 2) Procrastinate A LOT then do work last minute- pretty common. 3) Do a few hours of work, take a short break, do another few hours of work- pretty uncommon. Regardless of which of these categories you fit into, you still waste a lot of time and, more importantly, you still need to eat.

Cooking doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be very simple and take minimal effort. But it can also be an excellent way of productively procrastinating, all the while helping yourself stay on track when it comes time to actually getting the work done.

The best way of maintaining a relatively healthy diet while avoiding unnecessary binge eating and snacking, is to make a weekly meal plan. By doing so not only can you plan ahead so you can control exactly what you’ll be putting into your body, but you can also actually save time later by being able to get everything in one shopping trip.

I hope this helps.




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