Sushi Rock (Toronto)

I walked into this restaurant wanting to try one of the many good and interesting restaurants in the Yonge and Eglinton area. Someone told me their friends had been here in the past and had enjoyed it. My best guess is that they got the name of the restaurant wrong because I can’t imagine anyone would go out of their way for it.

As soon as we walked in I noticed the lack of decor, white walls with a few of the exact same small piece of art and a bamboo decoration in the back, where no customers were seated. It was dinner-time on a Saturday evening and there were only two tables occupied apart from our own. We were quickly seated by the staff who barely spoke more than a few words to us.

I was handed a menu that seemed to have been left out in the rain then dried overnight. It was poorly organized for the most part, with some menu items referencing others, and no description of quantity for many dishes. After stifling the desire to simply walk out I decided to give the food a try, rather than judging the book by its cover.

Miso Soup ($1.50):
Like the rest of the food arrived cold- slightly warm but still as if left out and forgotten for a time before being served. Did not have very much taste and toppings in the soup were limited.

Garden Salad:
Didn’t order it, but came for free alongside miso soup- unsure if this was intentional or not. Drenched in a sweet miso dressing, which on its own tasted quite pleasant, but was so excessive that whatever flavour the lettuce and cucumber would have had was overwhelmed and impossible to recognize.


BBQ Eel Appetizer ($7.49):
Six very small pieces of BBQ eel with a good amount of sauce. Again the fish was cold, as if left out for a while before being served. Nice presentation. Very little bang for your buck.


Rock Roll ($9):
Roll was cold and mushy. Cream cheese overwhelmed all the other flavours to the point of them only adding texture (I enjoy cream cheese in my sushi but at this point I might as well have been eating cold cream cheese out of the container). Wasn’t fresh- seemed like it had been left out for hours such that it turned cold and the rice had begun to harden.


Lychee Martgarita ($6.50):
Staff seemed very uncertain when I ordered it, I witnessed and hear a few scrambling around asking each other questions, as if no one had ever ordered it before. Was very watered down. Poorly crushed ice with large chunks floated atop a watered down somewhat lychee-tasting liquid. Came in a small martini glass that would have been acceptable if not for the terrible quality of the drink. Very overpriced.


For the first time in years I found myself unable to force myself to finish the food I had paid for.

While quick, the service was very indifferent to us- they barely spoke. The dishes were all cold, not fresh, and overpriced. It was as if no effort had been put into any aspect of the restaurant- the food, the menu, the decor, the service. A major disappointment.

I would highly recommend avoiding this restaurant. Toronto has many good sushi restaurants to offer and it would be a shame for anyone to limit themselves to a place like this.


If, despite this review, you would like to try Sushi Rock for yourself:
2359 Yonge St.



P.S. Although it may be better to go multiple times to see if it is truly such a bad restaurant, in most cases I am unable to do so. While it is unlikely, I may return to this restaurant in the future, and if I do I will certainly update this review with positive comments or simply ones that reinforce what I have already said.


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