The Ultimate Student Cookbook

When I had first taken up a serious interest in cooking this cookbook was gifted to me. It was a massive help. It had a decent variety of common dishes and gave me recipes that taught me the essentials of cooking. Not to mention it had copious amounts of pictures which made each step easy to follow.

For the most part, this is a great cookbook to get you started. But there are some problems with it that should be noted before you consider getting it, or making it your only cookbook:

Almost every recipe tells you to add A LOT of garlic. I like things tasting garlic-y, but this cookbook takes things to a whole new level. I was using half the garlic the recipe asked for.

Most of the recipes are far from healthy. So if you’re using this cookbook for every meal it would be extremely difficult, perhaps even impossible, to maintain a healthy diet.

It is very much a beginner cookbook. Which is good for its intentions, but once you’ve made a few dozen recipes you get bored and start to want more variety.

This cookbook is perfect for students who want to get an intro to cooking, while still eating most of their meals on campus, or from the microwave. However, if you want to pursue cooking as a hobby, it will only last you a few months.

Reference: The Ultimate Student Cookbook




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