Mamakas Taverna (Toronto)

Upscale Greek restaurant in downtown Toronto with a full view kitchen offers pricey unique dishes and excellent seafood.

When you think Greek food you probably think Greek salad, crispy fried calamari, and olives galore. Mamakas Taverna attempts to provide a new twist to the cuisine; unfortunately you’ll only get a taste as most portions are rather small.

This is by no means a tasting menu restaurant, as the portions while small are quite filling. Tables seem to be set up to accommodate larger groups, and the menu is set up for ordering a bunch of dishes- mostly sides, salads, and starters (and maybe one main if you’re willing to dish out the extra cash). We had about 7 dishes for five of us (including two mains) and it was very filling.

The waitress was super friendly and accommodating. She paced the meal perfectly and gave us a ton of options for exactly how we wanted the meal to play out (timing, order, pauses).

Tzatziki House Dip ($7) – came with fresh hot pita bread with olive oil drizzled over it. It was creamy, salty, and sweet, and just enough for the five of us to have our fill.

Oktapodi (Octopus) (main, $20)- very pricey but cooked to perfection. Soft, mushy texture, with flavours that melted in your mouth. If you’re a fan of octopus don’t leave the restaurant without trying this!


Horiatiki Salad ($18)- barely enough for each of us to have a small taste of each ingredient in the salad. Nothing special apart from the high quality ingredients.


Whole Grilled Sea Bass (main, MP)- Amazing. salty crispy skin, and flavourful fish with a brilliant olive oil glaze, excellent portion size. A few small bones but nothing major.


Keftedes (Meatballs) ($14)- sauce adds strong mint flavour, the unpleasant tough outside texture on the outside is easily forgotten as you taste the flavourful blend of pork and beef.


Spanikopita ($12)-, perfectly cooked crispy pastry with rich creamy spinach. Small portion size.


Aginares (Fried Artichoke) ($10)- very small and pricey dish, melt in your mouth texture and very flavourful but outside was burnt and crispy.


Halloumi ($14)- salty, sweet cheese, grilled to give a rubbery texture, plus sweet grilled peach wedges that melted in your mouth.


All food and alcohol menu items are Greek.

We were seated right beside the open concept kitchen- amazing view of meal prep and cooking added a lot to the overall dining experience.


To try Mamakas Taverna yourself:
80 Ossington Ave.


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