Covent Garden Market Must Trys

Field Gate Organics

While most groceries stores in London will give you a standard cut of meat, this deli offers good quality organic beef, and trust me, you notice the difference. For $10 you can get a portion of organic striploin steak.

I seasoned mine with salt and pepper, coated it with a bit of olive oil, then cooked it on a cast iron pan on high, 3 minutes on each side, and rubbed it with butter and garlic as it was cooking. It came out amazing.

The Chocolate Factory

For $4 you can get a good-sized slice of amazing fudge from this chocolate shop. They have several flavours to choose from including Rocky Road, Skor, and Vanilla. My personal favourite is Heavenly Goo- a mix between chocolate and vanilla fudge, with caramel in the middle.

Pétit Paris

This is the only place I know of in London where you can get good quality French Macarons. They’re sold for $2.25 a piece, or $12 for 6. There are always several different  flavours which change daily, such as Black Currant, Key Lime, Birthday Cake, and Raspberry.


To be totally honest I’ve only ever had the Chicken Melt (Panini) here, but for that item alone this place needs to be on this list. On several occasions I have come all the way downtown just to have it for lunch. It has chicken, havarti cheese, bacon, green onion, and garlic aioli.


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