Introducing: School

Super Cheesy Bacon French Toast, Black ‘N’ Blue Flapjacks, Grilled Local Breakfast Sausages

School restaurant is a unique brunch experience in downtown Toronto that will leave you stuffed.

Sticking to its name it has two large TVs playing shows about schools and has a wall of clocks reminiscent of those you see in classrooms.

As the time ticks by you may find yourself waiting for up to an hour to get your table. But fret not! You can download the “NoWait” app to get yourself on the waitlist and they will text you when your table is ready- but you must be there in five minutes, otherwise you get detention.. er.. your table will be given away.

Food ranges from waffles with chicken, to breakfast poutine with hash browns to French toast with a cheesecake filling. Each dish is presented beautifully.

There are plenty of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from including specialty “school” themed cocktails, lattés and teas.

Unlike the schools we all know, School will always leave you wanting to try another course on your next visit.
70 Fraser Avenue (Liberty Village)


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