Rant: We Should Hang Out!

*Rants are one-sitting minimally edited, relatively uncensored posts on various topics that don’t quite fit anywhere else on this blog.

Perhaps the most frustrating occurrence when trying desperately to make or maintain friendships is the tendency for people (myself ever so hypocritically included) to state the desire to make plans knowing full well they will never happen.

Throughout my university experience I wrestled with the idea of what a friendship meant, leading me to write several opinion pieces for the Western Gazette on related topics. Flakiness, Internet friendships, and more were the topic of my inner dialogues which I chose to serve to the student community in a mixed bag of successful and not articles.

One topic I never quite brought myself to write about was how you should give up on certain “friendships” rather than trying fruitlessly to make them work. Not only do one-sided friendships waste your time, they also take away from more meaningful ones and other enjoyable activities. I don’t know about you but I’d rather eat a meal alone than try to make plans with someone who is more interested in demanding I share their exact moral philosophy or in flaking out because they had to massage kale for 45 minutes.

I think especially in the technology age most friendships are superficial. We feel for whatever reason the need to keep in contact with people who we wouldn’t even bother to say hi to in the street. I myself fall prey to this urge when I see an old acquaintance, feeling the need to say, “Hey we should hang out!” fully intent on not following up. While there are no doubt times when we are genuinely interested in rekindling an old friendship or attempting to become closer with an acquaintance, such instances are few and far between. Such time is better used building up our repertoire of skills or reading a book.


Edited: January 30, 2018


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