Taipei Food Guide (Work in Progress)

A Comprehensive Guide to Western Food in Taipei


Gusto Pizza – Arguably the #1 pizza place in Taipei. Run by a passionate and friendly owner, this small pizza shop offers a variety of high quality 10″ thin crust pizzas for around 200-300NT/each.



Pizza Hut –

Pizzeria Oggi –

Maryjane Pizza –


Awesome Burger –

Burger & Co. –

Mos Burger –

McDonalds –


Liquid Bread Co. –


Cafes – If you’re looking to get a western-styled breakfast or brunch, your best (and perhaps only) bet is to go to a cafe. Most will have your typical toast and eggs, coffee, omelet, and pork chops/ham. Here are some of my favourites to get your started:

ML Cafe –

Dutch Pancake Place (NAME?)


Ice Cream/Milkshakes

Ice cream has a much bigger emphasis on ICE than cream here. It is pretty difficult to find actual ice cream. The same applies to its derivatives like milkshakes

Tacos (certified by Texan friend)

Twinkeyz Tacos

Finding New Places to Eat

There is virtually no community for Yelp here, TripAdvisor is VERY hit or miss. You have to rely on Google Maps, word of mouth from expats, and food/travel blogs such as TrickyTaipei, TaipeiExpat, and HungryinTaipei.

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