What is FoodOut?

1. The two primary components of this blog: food- meaning everything from recipes to restaurants, and out(side)- meaning travel, adventure, and everything that comes along with it.

2. Imagine a blackout but instead of darkness everywhere there is food. As a MAJOR foodie, that’s what goes through my mind a lot of the time. Here’s hoping I can help fill your mind with positive memories and thoughts of food.

FoodOut aims to lead people in the direction of trying out new foods, exploring, and grasping onto stable ways of dealing with mental health issues.

Who is Ellis Koifman?


Ellis Koifman is the sole author of this blog. He is a former Culture Editor for The Western Gazette and has just returned from a year of teaching English in Taiwan. He lives in Toronto with his family and their dog. Ellis enjoys spending time cooking, exploring, and trying out restaurants. His hobbies include writing, reading, petting dogs, video games, and photography.

Business inquiries?

If you would like to contact me for business inquiries, such as writing blog posts or editing work, please send me an email at

To see examples of my work, check out my Portfolio for some top notch articles from my time working as a Culture Editor for Volume 110 of The Western Gazette. You could also simply read through my blog, especially the featured articles.

Can I stalk you on social media?

Absolutely! Follow me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to keep up to date with new posts and pics!


Ellis Koifman


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