Review: Miku

Smoked Soy Grilled Octopus

While Toronto is no stranger to upscale sushi restaurants, Miku’s focus on aburi makes it a unique experience and a must-try. Bay street bankers, sushi fanatics, and people celebrating special events will enjoy the high quality fish here.

Recently opened at Bay and Queens Quay the atmosphere fits the location. Whether you’re sitting at the bar, at a table or in a booth your meal will be an absolute pleasure. Lighting fixtures hang down from the ceiling piquing any and all architectural curiosities.

If you are unfamiliar with the cuisine, or with aburi sushi, fret not. The wait staff will provide in-detail explanations of each dish and its preparation. They are efficient in both their delivery of information and of the food itself.

As an appetizer we shared the Smoked Soy Grilled Octopus ($19): togorashi spiced crispy chicken skin, ruby steaks mustard greens, sea salt crusted baby potato, meyer lemon, wasabi chimichurri and aioli. Octopus was plentiful in this dish, making it well worth its price.

Aburi Sampler

Their aburi is lightly seared by a butane torch to provide a unique texture without letting the gas seep into the flavour. Each piece is paired with its own sauce or garnish to maximize its flavour and give you the exact experience the chef has designed.

From their chu-toro to their oshi (pressed) salmon aburi everything tastes amazing and leaves you wanting more.

Salmon Oshi Sushi

The quality of the fish used in their aburi and nigiri was reminiscent of Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan.

The premium nigiri comes with six delectable pieces, offering a wide variety of flavours. Salmon, mackeral, chu-toro and others are possibilities according to the chef’s choice when ordering this dish.

Premium Nigiri

The waiter noted that the shrimp head is fully fried and fully edible, albeit sharp. (I took him up on this suggestion and found it to be very crispy and fairly salty, an interesting experience, but not something I would go out of my way for).

Served with their nigiri is both standard and high quality soy sauce.

À la carte is also an option with everything from mackeral to o-toro.

The quality of their food is not limited to their sushi.

Cast Iron Baked Mussels

Cast iron baked mussels are a must-try: wild boar bacon, brussels sprouts, melted iwa-nori butter and grilled lemon.

I strongly recommend dipping the mussels in the butter that helps bring out their rich flavour.

To finish things off we got the dessert option of Warm Matcha Chocolate Fondant: valrhona dark chocolate, molten matcha ganache, roasted berries, white chocolate powder and jasmine tea ice cream.

Warm Matcha Chocolate Fondant

Warm chocolate and matcha filling ooze out of the cake as you cut into it. Each decoration on the plate is an interesting addition to the already fantastic dessert and shouldn’t be ignored.

I have nothing bad to say about this restaurant. It has a great upscale atmosphere, efficient and informative service, reasonable prices and excellent food reminiscent of Tsukiji. It would be a shame to visit Toronto and not give this place a try.

Rating: 5/5
105-10 Bay Street